Viale della Libertà, 34, 98121 Messina ME
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This is not gourmet or nouvelle cuisine… Sicilian gastronomy is pure and simple enjoyment.
Legendary, bountiful and scrumptious: at L’Ancora you will find the unmistakable taste of Sicilian gastronomy
Oven-baked pasta, lasagna, swordfish roulades, caponata, Messina-style stockfish, seafood salad... At L’Ancora our menu of daily specials offers classic Sicilian dishes, just like you would eat at home. There are numerous typical and traditional recipes and tasty dishes that celebrate the unmistakable land- and sea-based flavors of our island.
The best time to enjoy L’Ancora’s delicatessen dishes is at lunchtime, between 12pm and 3pm, when our room overlooking the Strait is drenched in sunlight.
We add fresh rosemary and bay leaves to chopped carrots, celery and onions, followed by minced meat, which we slow-cook for at least two hours.
We only use «sedanini», a short type of pasta with tiny grooves that soak up our scrumptious sauce.
When you least expect it, a surprise comes along: fried eggplant cubes. A must try!