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You cannot visit Sicily without sampling its sweet treats
Our patisserie counter serves only the best Sicilian sweet delicacies
Sicilian patisserie is sublime and sweet like no other. Its flavors and aromas are intense and always recognizable among the unmistakable perfumes of almond paste, orange blossom, jasmine and citrus fruits. At L’Ancora you will always find the best Sicilian patisserie products. Among these will always be King Cannolo alongside Queen Cassata. But there are also many other special island treats and obviously recipes typical of Messina. These include pignolata and granita with cream and brioche, a breakfast that anyone would enjoy. Our sweets also include ice-cream, the perfect accompaniment to a brioche fresh from the oven.
With Cream
Sink your teaspoon into the bottom of the glass. Scoop both granita and cream and taste. Repeat.
With Brioche
Take a piece of brioche and dip it in the granita. Wait a few seconds until it is soaked and eat. Warning: danger of dripping.
With Ice-cream
Using a teaspoon, start with just the ice-cream. Stop when you’ve had enough and close the brioche as if it were a sandwich. Hold it with both hands and nibble away.