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Street food

Today’s street food has always been our Rotisserie.
Taste authentic street food straight from Messina and Sicily.
Sicilian street food is a style, an imprint that each Trinacrian carries in his or her DNA and that all visitors want to take home with them. It is the irresistible taste and the sincere smile of those preparing it for you. It’s sheer happiness! At L’Ancora you can sample the best street food from Messina and Sicily, such as arancini, pitoni and Messina-style focacce, schiacciate, fried mozzarella sandwiches and many other delicacies, both fried and oven-baked from our rotisserie. And remember, enjoying street food is deliciously simple. That’s why it’s always time for street food at L’Ancora!
We shape these stuffed rice balls by forming a heart shape with our hands.
Il Ripieno
Traditionally stuffed with ragù. To make it even tastier we add peas, mortadella and cheese.
La Panatura
We dip the rice balls in batter, then roll them in breadcrumbs.